Internet of Kids (IoK) before Internet of Things (IoT)

We have been entering the new area on connectivity that is called Internet of Things (IoT). After connecting the computers (i.e. general purpose central processing units) we have been aggregating the ‘physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity.’

Interestingly, it is the same phenomena occurring in two spaces: expansion of the Universe (i.e. ‘the space that makes up the universe is expanding, over time’) and expansion of the cyberspace.

the expansion of the universe
Artists illustration of the expansion of the Universe. (C) NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

But, before gravitating towards the temptation of the expansion of cyberspace with IoT, I would like to point a serious subject in scope of cyber security, as I coined its term, Internet of Kids (IoK).

Kids, especially preschool children, have become the wast majority of ‘real’ users of the Internet. How did you come to know this? Well, I have a 3 years old son!

He surfs at YouTube at dizzying speed and watches lots of videos such as cartoons, toys introductions, and baby songs in my tablet, smartphone, and sometimes my laptop.

Below is the screen capture of ‘my’ YouTube account’s recommendation home page.

Internet of Kids

My youtube account that has been used by me for many years has converted into a completely different characteristic because of my son’s surfing habits in just one year!

We should be aware of this fact and study the security concerns of our kids seriously especially in social media platforms after 8 years from my article named ‘Computer and Internet Security for Children and


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